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Every time I try to send a tweet, that error shows up. It’s been like this for about two days. I also can’t follow anyone and retweet anything. I tried resetting my browser and changing my password and revoking apps, but still, no changes. What should I do?


Hi @clarissawho, Thanks for writing in. The error you’re receiving is discussed over in this thread. https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/27684 Hope that helps.


@aaronhoff Can you please walk me through on filing a ticket in the link found in that discussion? Which bullet should I choose and how do I fill up the other fields?


I am a casual Twitter user with about 10 tweets a week. And a few replies here and there under 10 a week.
Right now any tweet I try to reply to I get the above error message. it’s infuriating, and frankly, I don’t think you deserve the effort I put in to report this. I am allergic to incompetence.


It’s not helpful at all, actually. I’m receiving the message any time I tweet to a user who isn’t subscribed to me - and I’m doing it from the Twitter website. Nobody is responding in that thread and I can’t find any resources online which explain why my account would be locked like that.