This is not ok - create an app


Hi I need to create an app for my website, but now twitter ask to input a phone number, and guess what, my carrier is not supported by twitter.

I’m from Romania and my cariere is Orange. What can I do in this case, since I really need to create an app so I can use:
Consumer Key:
Consumer Secret:
Access Token:
Access Token Secret:
Twitter ID:

Without those, my wordpress widget won’t work. So can someone please let me know how can i can I get those? Thank you in advanced


You can generate a timeline widget from your Twitter settings. Copy-and-paste the resulting HTML into a WordPress text/HTML widget area.


Thank you for your respond, but i don’t want a standard twitter widget, i want to be able to create custom app to use with my custom widgets in wordpress.

That phone, validation, is not ok, since there are not all providers accepted.

Is there another way I can create apps? And then use the keys, to what i need?