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Getting the titled error after user authenticates and the app tries to posts a tweet on logged-in users behalf.

Just started happening recently and cannot identify the reason or the source of the problem
Application framework is laravel 5, dependency that handles Twitter api is thujohn/twitter

Location of the error seems to be at getAccessToken( $oauth_verifier )

Any help is appreciated


I’m having the same issue. I’m wondering if it has to do with token limits on apps. (100,000 for clients, potentially 1,000,000 for everyone else?) My app currently has over 1,000,000 tokens… so I have reached out to twitter to determine if that is causing the issue. Do you have any idea how many total tokens you’re app is using? Would be helpful if we could expire old tokens (30,60,90 day expiration dates?)


i was not aware there were limits on the app. Let me check and post and update.


it looks like i do not have a limit issue on my app. The app only posts couple tweets a day only and i don;t think that is the cause.


The token limits are not about the number of Tweets or such, but about the number of users your app has.