"This feature is temporarily unavailable" trying to get access token



We are using twitter4j 4.0.3 (the latest) on android. Our web/ios oauth flows are working fine, but when we went to test our latest release, twitter login on android isn’t working. I don’t believe this area of our code has changed in any way.

If I try to login and the user isn’t logged in to twitter, I get this screen instead of the normal auth screen:

If the user is already logged in to twitter, I get a credentials error, with the message: “This feature is temporarily unavailable” .


So… I rewrote our code from scratch, simplified it, etc, and got everything working again. I don’t really know what the underlying issue is! I wish these error messages were a bit more helpful. Sorry anyone else who has this issue, I don’t know that this thread will help you much :slight_smile: