This feature is temporarily unavailable - oauth/access_token



I’ve seen a few threads on this already but none seem to explain how the developer solved the issue.

In my case I am getting the user’s oauth token and oauth token secret back from the API but at the same time I’m getting that error. So I’m fairly confused why the API is saying it’s not working when it did work.

Flow is:

$connection = new TwitterOAuth(‘CONSUMER_KEY’, ‘CONSUMER_SECRET’, $oauth_token, $_SESSION[‘request_token’]);

$access_token = $connection->oauth(“oauth/access_token”, [“oauth_verifier” => $oauth_verifier]);

Any ideas? I don’t think I’ve been rate limited as it hasn’t been working for a day now. It worked for about 15 mins then this started.



This feature is temporarily unavailable

It sounds like you’ll just have to wait for Twitter to make the feature available again. Most of the other threads in the forum that reference this error just started working again without any changes.