This application is not allowed to access or delete your direct messages


our application is

Somedya Engagement Tool

Somedya is the tracking & engagement service tool.
Our clients want’s to reply their tweets & read their own DM’s and reply them.
in application “oauth settings / access level” is Read, write, and direct messages
but during sign in there is a message like "This application will not be able to: Access your direct messages."
is there any solution to get a real access for our application


In your application settings, you can adjust the application to be of the “read, write, & direct messages” permission variety. After enabling that option, you’ll then need to renegotiate any existing access tokens so that they’re also capable of this additional permission.


i have changed the settings of my application as you explained above
if a new client add my application permissions are still read & write.
is there another trick ?