This application cannot authenticate more users at this time


Im getting this error:
Sorry, please try again later.
This application cannot authenticate more users at this time.
We recently applied for the ads api but we havent started development yet but we are using the oauth on other parts of the system, it seems that if you are in developer access level your app gets limited.

So please remove our account from the ads api.
App id: 8721075

This doesnt makes any sence but if is one way or the other i choose not to use it.


This application cannot authenticate more users - please remove ads api from our app for now

Hi @rally_pages,

Since you are still on Developer access, you are limited to 5 tokens to develop your platform to an MVP state. Once you are ready to move on and get more tokens, please set up a time with me at to show me a demo of your platform. If you can also get 2 case studies from your clients, that will expedite the process!

Case Studies: We generally look for 2 case studies to finish the Ads API Program for Standard access.
$500 USD (SMB) or $5000 (MMS,DSO) spend per case study through your platform via Twitter Ads API (an advertiser should not need to go to the Twitter Native UI to do any step of the ad creation or reporting).
Document KPI improvements (eg. decreased CPIs from $10 to $5)
Example format here:



Hi @rally_pages - Sorry, I misread your post! Your app is now no longer on the Ads API and tokens are now uncapped.

Please feel free to apply again for API access on another app ID.