“This application cannot authenticate more users at this time” issue




Our app encounter this error:

This application cannot authenticate more users at this time.

Our app was running very well in authenticating users. And it may be caused by “enabling Ads APIs” according to this:

could you please @carmenjyuen disable that for our app.It will be very helpful.

Our app id :14000935




Sorry, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Your app 14000935 doesn’t have ads api access. Please confirm the app ID you are using.


App id is correct. In that case what could be the issue for the failure in authenticating users. Earlier everything was working fine.

After clicking on login button, it showing this error message.


It appears that you may have another app registered to a different Twitter account. Please double-check with other members of your team that you’re 100% certain the consumer key used in your code is the one associated with app 14000935, and not some other app which has Ads API access.


Sorry, it was my mistake. We are using different twitter app with app id: 13999259.

Could you please check with this and one more thing that we haven’t enabled twitter ads api. So, is this something which get enables automatically? Don’t know why we are getting this error.


If you are in the developer tier for the Ads API:

The Developer license provides companies access to all Ads API endpoints to develop their tool to completion. Developer-level partners are limited to five OAuth tokens and are prohibited from exposing any Ads API functionality to external advertisers.

Access grows as you review your application status with our team and progress through the different tiers.

I’m personally not able to manage access but will check back with the team on this alternative app ID. Please confirm that you no longer require access to the Ads API and that access should be removed if it has been enabled for your app.


Yes, I no longer require access to Ads API. Please remove it.


Thanks @andypiper & @adityasrivastava16 - ads api access has been revoked on 13999259. Please feel free to apply with a new application in the future.