This application cannot authenticat more users at this time


Suddenly I got an issue that “This application cannot authenticate more users at this time”.

I cannot understand why this message is showing.

Getting error message: “This application cannot authenticate more users at this time”

If applicable, which API are you using? Where are you seeing this error? What are you doing to trigger this error message? Can you provide more information?


Hello hmz,
Thanks for your reply.

When I will going to authenticate for login then I got this message.

Owner ID of my app is 623418279

Which more information you want? please reply


Hi @kalyanasis,

Sounds like you are using the Ads API? Can you provide your App ID?

In order to get more user tokens and move to “Standard” access, please set up a demo meeting with me at, and then gather 2 testimonials from your clients as well.



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