This ads account does not have access to Tweets


Requests to scoped_timeline endpoint have started to returns an errors, however, was working correctly early. Such behavior is observed since 01-12-2018.
The sample of the request:


    "errors": [
            "code": "INVALID_ACCOUNT_SERVICE_LEVEL",
            "message": "This ads account 18ce53x6e2x does not have access to Tweets.",
            "parameter": "account_id"
    "request": {
        "params": {}

Accounts that affected is not promotable, but we used scoped_timeline to get organic tweets and it was working well.
Was anything changed in the ads API scheme since 01 December? Can you please clarify this point.


Thanks for the question, @damir_mv.

You’re right that Tweets for certain ads accounts are not accessible. For this one in particular, if you visit, you’ll see that there isn’t a way to access Tweets (the only available dropdown option is for analytics). The Ads API now reflects this, too.

If you’re interested in fetching organic Tweets, you can use GET statuses/user_timeline.

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