Third Party Direct Message Apps



Are there any known third party direct messaging applications? Such as those that work to prefill or add media/web intents to direct messages?

Continuing the discussion from Can the text in direct message be somehow prefilled when calling DM dialog?:


Sure, if you write your own application you can prefill a direct message dialog with whatever you want for the user to change.
But currently there is no support for Direct Message Conversations in the API, neither for Pictures of Video attached to DMs.
If you need a solution for web, I don’t think there is any, but given you filed it in the REST API section, I guess that’s not what you need.


An illuminating response, thanks. If I don’t need the REST API any idea what I should use instead?

Also, when you say there is:

no support for Direct Message Conversations in the API

Do you believe this to be permanent or temporary?


There is a website category for embedded timelines an such. But I don’t think there is any for Direct Messages. You could use the REST API to build one but it’s rather complex and I don’t really know what you want to do, but most of the time users would probably not authenticate with your app just to send direct messages.

no support for Direct Message Conversations in the API

I really hope that this is not permanent and that we will hopefully get Conversations support in the public REST API in the future.


You are helping me avoid blind alleys, @ePirat cheers.

Validating the business model would come down to that particular pain/convenience point, getting users to authenticate. No one has yet developed what I’m looking for; I can tell you more if you DM me. Also, I admit to knowing a minute amount about Python and JSON. I’m a product guy finding it very hard to identify my developer, i.e., Fabric and Twitter API experts. As an aside, it would be nice if Twitter would do what Google has with the GDE.