There is no media tab when composing a new tweet



When I go to compose a new tweet I do not have the option to add media just photos. I am wanting to post videos and my twitter account is not letting me. How do I get the “media button” to show?

Please see screen shot below.


Please note that this is the wrong place to ask such questions. This forum is for Twitter Developer questions regarding the Twitter API, Fabric and Twitter Advertiser API.
We can’t help you with such problems here, not because we do not want to help but because we have no way to do so and even the Twitter Staff around here aren’t the right people to ask about.

Please instead use the Twitter Support Forms to report such problems. I apologize for any inconvenience!


Ok, Thanks. As a Twitter developer, it would be nice to know a simplified way to post video cards. Do you have a more simple way of explaining. I read the link but still could use a little more detail.


Do you want to create a video card or upload a video to Twitter? Those are very different things.