There is no logInWithMethods in twitter class


I use cocoapods installed fabric and twitter and i can not find the TWTRLoginMethodWebBased

When i use “[[Twitter sharedInstance] logInWithMethods:TWTRLoginMethodWebBased completion:^(TWTRSession*session, NSError *error) {}];” referenced in document but there is no logInWithMethods in Twitter at all


Can you share which version of Twitter Kit you are using? This method was added in February of 2016. Perhaps you are using an old version?

This is what the Twitter.h header looks like in the latest version of Twitter Kit.

Please let us know if you run into further issues.


I use cocoa pods install it and it auto download version is fabric 1.6.11,twitter 1.15.3


The current version of Twitter Kit is 2.8.1


How can i get the last version TwitterKit with cocoapods?


You can run the pod update command.


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