There is a free option for developers? Having an app != $$$ to spend?


Hello Twitter Devs,

I just created my account last night instead of watching a sci-fi movie. Alright! :slight_smile: I read through the TOS and think I understand them to some extent. But I have this nagging concern in my mind that I would like clarification on.

There are parts of the developer website or parts of creating a Twitter application that are free, correct? How will I know once I am going into the territory of “premium apps” where I have to pay our great, mighty, and interesting overlords, Twitter? How does one know when parts of the API one is using are free and which are paid or premium?

Thank-you for reading this.


A developer guy



Thanks for reaching out here. All of our standard endpoints and the sandbox version of our premium endpoints are free. When you set up your dev environment it will say “sandbox” to let you know that you are in the sandbox version of the product. It’s also important to note that we will not proactively charge without an active subscription.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions.



Hi Jessica,

You are welcome. Thank-you for the helpful reply. :slight_smile: Which page will say “sandbox”? Also, you mention an active subscription. What does this entail? Is this different than signing up for a developer account? I had to read lots of TOS pages and submit an application but I do not think this is the “active subscription” you write of.


Happy Dev Guy


Thanks for reaching out here. Sorry if I was unclear - what I mean by active subscription was having an approved developer account.

In July, we announced a new set of rules that apply to developers, you need to have an approved developer account in order to use our APIs. You will first need to create a Twitter app. To do so, you are going to need an approved developer account. You can apply for a developer account here.

After you have completed the initial set up, you will need to create a dev environment and you will be automatically be set up with a “sandbox” account.


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