The validator allows me to request an approval but it is automatically rejected by email


We are trying to apply for * (we already got approved for * but for some reason, something strange happens.

  • The card validates in the Validator.
  • I submitted once again for Summary card
  • I instantly received an email saying : “The URL you provided for to use the summary card did not validate. Please make sure the page contains valid metadata, then reapply for a Twitter card.”
    The domain is * and the associated Twitter account is @Appy_Geek. The sample URL I use :
    Our Twitter dev account is @MRDevAccount.
    We looked at all the various discussions around this kind of issue but found nothing to help us have our cards approved.

We already got approved a few weeks ago for *
Example :


Found the problem : querystring (params passed in the URL as key=value) are not “allowed”.

This part of the url was causing the problem => ?regionid=4&articleid=9324279

Solution : have a page without querystring…

I hope this helps.


Great find!
Helped me fix my problems.