The url you provided for to use the summary card did not validate,please make sure the page cantains valid metadata ,then reapply a twitter card


The validator allows me to request an approval but it is automatically rejected by email.
We are trying to apply for . but for some reason, something strange happens.

  • The card validates in the Validator.
  • I submitted once again for Summary card
  • I instantly received an email saying : “The URL you provided for to use the summary card did not validate. Please make sure the page contains valid metadata, then reapply for a Twitter card.”
    The domain is and the associated Twitter account is @ofweekb2b
    The sample URL I use :
    We looked at all the various discussions around this kind of issue but found nothing to help us have our cards approved.
    Can anyone help?

We are in the exact same situation with our submission…
The validator tool says everything is OK but as soon as we submit for approval, we get an email asking to reapply. In our case it’s a summary card.