The URL you provided for to use the summary_large_image card did not validate


This is an error on the side of twitter. I have all the meta tags at place only when Twitter makes a request.

I use a simple filter on the user agent to see if a request comes from Twitter or Facebook and only then the meta tags are added.

Does Twitter even use it’s own “Card Validator” to validate request for a twitter card, or is this done in a different matter? I think it’s not needed to have the Open Graph and Twitter tags in my headers when people are on my website as only Twitter,Facebook and Google use them. So when each of these websites makes a request the meta tags get added to keep my header clean and save bandwidth when ever possible

So now comes the big question, if Twitter wants the Meta tags visible 24/7 in my header how can I ever validate? My websites are 100% valid and both the
"Card Validator" from twitter and the url linter of Facebook give me a 100% positive result.

Hope someone can shed some light on this for me.

in my header to filter out a twitter request (before all other markup)
function is_twitter(){
if(!(stristr($_SERVER[“HTTP_USER_AGENT”],‘Twitterbot’) === FALSE)) {
return true;

then in my functions.php (Wordpress) - not showing the full custom open graph/twitter code but this should show globally how i’m filtering request.

if( is_facebook() || is_twitter() ) {
post all tags here etc


As I explained on the other thread, you will get through the automated validation like this, but for cards where additional validation is required (e.g. player cards) the tags will not show up and therefore your site will not get them. The cards need to be displayed on Android, iOS and the web so your filtering mechanism will not always work. Other sites do not seem to have the same issues you are having because they always include the relevant meta tags.


I’m also including the relevant meta tags. What I don’t understand is why Twitter is having difficulties. A youtube video will play on all devices and that’s the only service I use (at this moment) for video’s on the website.

The “summary_large_image” card is approved (normal blog post) the Player card isn’t/won’t validate (like you said) but in the “Card Validator” all lights are green (to say so) so there’s nothing wrong with the code or tags,


I had a look at your player card metatags at and they are incorrect. You have no MP4 stream so twitter:player:stream:content_type should not be present. But the main problem is your twitter:player URL: it should be a URL that displays only the video, with the video taking all the space available.
You should have a look at the card metatags on the YouTube pages: twitter:player points to the https embedded player (, not the normal page of the video (

By the way, twitter:domain is useless, and you should add twitter:site to be able to see Cards Analytics data on