"The url contains malware URL" error when creating app with "christianzone.org" domain


Hello Team,

I am a Twitter app developer and I am having problem with creating the app in Twitter app creation section. I am trying to create the app with this “christianzone.org” domain. But Twitter is throwing an error stating that " The url contains malware URL". Although my this site domain is free of any Malware. But still Twitter is throwing this error. Can you please assist me soon and let me know the reason behind this.



You might need to request that domain be removed from our list of possibly-malware domains. Use this process:



Am having the same problem with my domain africaone.com
I submitted it to twitter but the case was just closed without being looked into.
Kindly help.


Unfortunately, I cannot directly help you with this. We do have instructions for what you need to do here though:

Hope this helps.

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