The Twitter counter stopped working on my Blogger blog. Please help


A few weeks ago, I noticed that the Twitter counter for my blog stopped working. I am using the Twitter official tweet button. I copied the exact codes and put them in my blog. Starting from this blog post… ( ), the count is ZERO. But I have tweeted this post a lot of times, hoping that it’ll work and that this is just a glitch. But nothing happened… This post was published, March 8, 2010. Today is the 16th. So for a week, the count remained at ZERO.

I have published posts after this one, and still… the counter is ZERO on all of the posts. I don’t know what’s wrong. The Twitter counter simply stopped working. Do help. Thanks.

Name: Leah


You are likely effected by:

That said, I don’t currently see any public posts containing the URL mentioned in your post.


I see. Thanks so much. I hope the tweet counts will work soon.

Anyway, what do you mean by your last statement, sir?

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