The twitter button doesn't display properly


I am trying to get the tweet button to display on my website but it just shows the twitter name with a hyperlink.

The functionality is correct but it isn’t displayed as it should.

I am copying the code directly from the page that makes the buttons for you; and copying it into a cell in a table.

Any ideas why the twitter button isn’t displaying properly?

(I’m an absolute beginner as you may see from the website :wink: )

Thanks for your feedback



Hi - I’ve just joined Twitter and got the same problem - does anyone ever answer here?


Hi I’ve got the same problem… it just right the text in blue with a link… but the button doesn’t display…


My problem was that I was previewing the results in my text editor. Once I uploaded it to my hosting service via ftp it worked properly as a live feature of the website. Might solve it. Make sure the first script tags are in the head section of the html document and the other ones are in the place where you want the feed to appear.

Try changing your css if you cant see it. If using absolute positioning make sure your z index is correct and if using relative positioning try putting a border on the element to see if it is hiding somewhere.

This was the process I went through nd came out on top :slight_smile:

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