The tweet button on my blog is stagnant at zero. I need help


The tweet button on my blog is stagnant at zero. When I tweet it is pasted on my timeline but when I click on the counter, it says tweet “not found”


i created a blog srinivas rays how to find that and make connected to twitter


I guess this is it…

Issue #48: Issues with Tweet Button Counting

This ticket is being revised to cover a wide variety of Tweet Button counting related issues currently under active resolution by Twitter’s engineering teams.

This ticket covers cases where Tweet Button counting has become inaccurate or erratic in the following ways:

  • Counter starts at “2”
  • Counter stays at “0”
  • Counter reports an unusual or extremely high number

Our engineers are overhauling a number of the subsystems involved in this counting to be more robust and less prone to these anomalies. When their work is done, the canonical record we have of these Tweet Counts will be re-played against the new system and the reported numbers will return to their accurate representations of how many times a specific URL has been tweeted or retweeted on Twitter.

2012-02-09 Engineers are currently working to retool the counting apparatus that will house & serve these counts. We don’t yet have an ETA as to when this work will be complete and the counts replayed but will update this ticket as soon as it is known.

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