The right to choose freely favorite app UI


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How to display relative time, apart from the United States a lot of time zones, there is no sense in countries such as Japan, there is only one time zone.

In addition, this display method uses more CPU resources.
Not fit for mobile.

There are many active users in Japan.
Follow a lot of users, and a lot of tweets.

Therefore, each client application has to implement the UI and repeated trial and error for these active users.

Users have enjoyed that from among a wide variety of clients, choose their favorite UI.
This is a culture anymore.

“The right to freely choose their favorite apps UI” should be observed.

“Unification of the user experience,” there is no benefit to beginners only.

Because there are a lot of “users who do not use only occasionally”,
I think that Twitter Inc. is it just that they’re watching.

However, loyalty to the Twitter of such users is sparse.
In the future, if a new service appears, they will give way to move there easily.

Twitter Inc. should cast an eye to the active user.

Because there are active users, light users will also activate.

Display Guidelines should not be forced.
“The right to freely choose their favorite apps UI” should be observed.

Story changes.
The past few years, the IT industry (it is likely at least in Japan) Twitter was the center of attention.

Beginners learned by making apps that use the API.
A lot of third party applications have been made ??a wide variety of services.

Be recognized that they are constantly in “Twitter is prosperity,” the visibility is up, the user has also increased.

But if you deny these ecosystem, its prosperity will disappear.
Then, light users will go away.

Twitter Inc. should monetize harder.

Tweets of the ad. (You do not have to share its profits with the third).
claim to a third party corporation.
There are lots of way.

But that expel a third party would not be a profit in any way.

Possibly, Twitter had been responsible for the infrastructure of the world,
I might end up reduced to "service operated by just one company."
It’s a sad thing.

I beg you, I want you to think again.

Display Guidelines は強制するべきではない。「自由に好みのUIのアプリを選ぶ権利」は認められるべきである。





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