The review of the application remains as Application under review for nearly 3 month


I reviewed the application to start a new Twitter service at 12/20 2018 , but have not made progress for nearly 3 month.

Is there a way to check the status of this review?

The mail address I am using is

Thank you.


Your application automatically closed a few weeks after we sent an email to you requesting more information about your use case. Please double check the email inbox that you had associated with your @handle when you applied for an email with the following from address:

Once you’ve found this email, please respond to it, making sure to pay close attention to each of its resources and questions.


I can only find these 3 mails related to twitter developer in my mailbox and none of these are the mail you mentioned. May I ask for another mail to my mailbox?


Hope to have a further reply soon, Thanks


Thanks for following up. You may want to try looking in your spam or double checking the email you applied with.


I have checked all the mails in my mailbox including spam box but could not find it. Maybe there was some kind of probrems during the process of sending mails. May I request for a mail for another time?Thanks, and waiting for further reply.