The review of the application does not end. No any reply from twitter. I'd like to request a review


I applied for an API almost 4 month ago. (8/9)

I received an email from twitter (8/31) which has a question about my app.
And I repled the emaiil on 8/31.

But from that, no any progress from twitter.
I send one more email on 9/29. But there is no reply.

Please proceed the review… It’s too long to wait.

My ref is below.


The review of application does not end. No any reply from twitter again

Hi @yazumoto. Your application closed due to inactivity. I’ve sent a request to have it reopened. Please check your email in the next few days for a follow-up.



Hi @hmz .

How come was it closed?
I replied email quickly and I send another email to ask the progress…

Anyway, I will wait for the email.



If we don’t hear anything from you we will close the application.

After the application closes, any emails you send will not be delivered.

It could be that this happened in your case. I’m not sure how long it takes for an application to close, unfortunately.

Please be on the lookout for our follow up! I’ll close this thread in the meantime.