The Retweet API is not supported?


I checked the documentation for API1.1, “retweeted_by_me”, “retweeted_to_me”, “retweeted_of_me” does not exist.
It will become significantly inconvenient that there is no feature of these “users surprised” that, is there any that will be added in the future?


No luck. See — “statuses/retweets_of_me will not be making an appearance in 1.1.”


Yes, can someone explain how we are supposed to get this information with 1.1? Or is the goal to make it impossible for us to get this information?


We’re working to still bring some of these retweet methods to the 1.1 REST API.

You have many alternatives to acquiring this data – especially in real time. We generally favor real-time streaming APIs over the ones that excavate the past (REST). User Streams is your best bet for this in a single-user scenario, while the follow filter on the general streaming API is also a workable alternative for more users. Site Streams, though in beta, is also an excellent alternative.

Tweets a user has issued are in their user timeline. There are methods to determine the retweets for a given status and enough API calls to periodically run through a user’s recently retweeted tweets to collect the delta in retweeters.

The statuses/retweets_of_me method was basically a virtual timeline of data you can assemble yourself.

Can you describe some of the use cases you have where having this in a dedicated method is more useful to you?


So if I run through a users timeline every day and (include_entities) I should be able to get both retweets by them, and others retweets of their tweets? That should work if its all there…I dont think listening on all the users streams is an option as we are often trying to do social graph analysis and new people pop up all the time, I would want to get their retweets and retweets of their stuff for last month or so…


We’ve added [node:12187] to API v1.1, by the way.


Finally! As it makes easier for us to implement this feature. Thanks.


no luck