The results returned by the Twitter Public API and Datasift are not matching


We are trying to check records for a tweet with id=539375995913261060, using twitter public api and the Datasift api we are using for streaming. We find that when we use twitter public API to find the status available (we used the URL -, it returns following - (“message”: “Sorry, that page does not exist”,“code”: 34).

However, we obtain results for the same ID from the Datasift


It looks like that tweet has been deleted by the author in the meantime.


Is there any way we can verify that tweet is deleted?


The result you are getting from Datasift should (I imagine) contain the original URL in the format[username]/statuses/[tweetid] - if you go there in the browser, you’ll probably get a 404 error. Certainly the fact that you can’t programmatically grab that tweet ID in the API now would suggest that it has been deleted.