The rejected promoted tweets issue has re-surfaced again



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We are having again a large number of rejected promoted tweets.

Here are 3 different campaigns for different account ids that are having all their promoted tweets rejected.

Would it be possible to look at these promoted tweets and let us know why their corresponding promoted tweets are rejected?

Account id 18ce53zujt1
Campaign id 4pfhe
Promoted tweet id qwge0
Promoted tweet id qwgc7

Account id 18ce53vaveb
Campaign id 4ni4y
Promoted tweet id qdhqp
Promoted tweet id qdhqm

Account id 18ce53yv738
Campaign id 4n5gy
Promoted tweet id 4sn2g
Promoted tweet id 4sn2j



Hey Elie, these questions are best handled by the account managers for those accounts, who have a lot more insight about content and can route to the appropriate teams if needed. Thanks!