The PUT/Manually Do CRC Check Endpoint Doesn't Exist?



Found here

It says to do a put at this address to trigger a CRC check.

But when I call it like this

request =, ‘put’, “/1.1/account_activity/all/env-beta/webhooks.json”, {}).perform

I get a really nice

Twitter::Error::NotFound: Sorry, that page does not exist

What’s up with that? Is it not active in the beta? Is the documentation accurate?


From the Account Activity Dashboard sample, it looks like this should include the webhook ID:

    // request options
    var request_options = {
      url: '' + auth.twitter_webhook_environment + '/webhooks/' + req.body.webhook_id + '.json',
      resolveWithFullResponse: true,
      auth: {
        'bearer': bearer_token

Looks like a documentation bug - will log this.


These documentation bugs are extreme time killers.


@andypiper while I am digging through and absorbing this documentation can you do a check for me?

125311 is our app ID – we were told we’d get env-beta access for the Account Activity API but I’m getting lots of 404s.

I’m not sure if it’s due to the documentation pointing me to the wrong urls frequently or if we genuinely don’t have access. Clarification of permissions would rule out the confusion.




@andypiper Now when I hit that endpoint after your clarification I get:

Twitter::Error::Forbidden: Forbidden


FWIW I have used the code from

and I get 404 Forbidden when navigating to the Manage Webhook section of the site.

 body: '{"errors":[{"code":200,"message":"Forbidden."}]}' } }