The "public service announcement" as the sole exception to the automation and the use of multiple accounts


Hi Twitter,

We recently read @yoyoel‎’s blog post, “Automation and the use of multiple accounts,” and have an important follow-up question.

@Yoyoel writes:

“As a sole exception to this rule, applications that broadcast or share weather, emergency, or other public service announcements of broad community interest (for example, earthquake or tsunami alerts) are permitted to post this content across multiple accounts who have authorized an app.”

We are quite certain that our Twitter app, used by public transportation agencies, meets the criterion for this exception. But, do we need to proactively reach out to Twitter to receive an exemption? If so, how do we go about doing that?

We need to ensure that there is no service disruption of our Twitter- and Facebook-based public alerting system. How do we take active steps to find out if Twitter approves our request for the public service announcement exception?

With many thanks,
Kristin Virshbo @CastleRockAssoc


Hello @CastleRockAssoc,

Thanks for building on Twitter. No proactive steps are needed on your part to apply for a public service exception. We will post an update in this forum if that is set to change.


Many thanks for getting back to us, @dha . It is very much appreciated.

With kind regards,
Kristin Virshbo @CastleRockAssoc