The problem of "" connection


Dear Sir,

We can’t connect “” server.
Is it ok? Anyone have no problem?

Thank you.


No issue here.

  • how are you trying to connect?
  • can you share a code sample?
  • what error(s) are you seeing?


EDIT: Ignore me, already found the issue. A callback URL was missing in the app settings causing the issue.


Dear Andy,

I used the tmhOAuth.php code.
I try to connect the address using the Safari.
Safari can connect the server. But I can’t connect curl or chrome browser.
Thank you.

Best Regards,
Kihun Jang,


That’s an API endpoint, it is not intended to be accessible via a browser.

I’ve just trivially run the verify_credentials.php example from in a command line with php, and it worked fine with no issues hitting the API.