The possible values of "Bid optimization"


We are using Asynchronous Analytics API to get the “Bid optimization” data just like the Ads UI.
Would you please tell us the possible values of “Bid optimization” returned by the API.

BTW, from the Ads UI, we could find some ones like Maximum reach, Reach with engagements,
OAB, CPAC, and so on.


Hi! The bid optimization is set when you create the campaign, it is not an analytics metric. You can find the possible values for it on the Enumeration page, under Line Items (Ad Groups) --> optimization.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, but maybe you don’t get I said,
Asynchronous Analytics API can get the “Bid optimization” result data,
I just want to know what will be return for “Bid optimization” .



Could you please help to answer this one?


#5 @majoritasdev is absolutely correct. The optimization is set at the line item. See the optimization request parameter with the POST accounts/:account_id/line_items endpoint.

As the enumerations page states, the ENGAGEMENT optimization value is set in order to:

Optimize for reach with engagements.

Thanks, @majoritasdev!



Thanks for the explain for optimization.
Could you please tell us what would be returned for “Bid optimization” when calling Asynchronous?

“Bid optimization” refers to the column at the Ads UI, the screenshot I have upload.


That is not related to analytics—asynchronous or synchronous.


The only optimization values we currently support setting through the Ads API are: DEFAULT, ENGAGEMENT, and WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS.

Below is information on the kind of optimization we do, by objective, depending on the optimization set at the line item.

  • Awareness Objective
    • DEFAULT: Optimize for maximum reach
    • ENGAGEMENT: Optimize for reach with engagement
  • Website Clicks Objective
    • DEFAULT: Optimize for link clicks
    • WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS: Optimize for conversions