"The operation has timed out" error


Hello everyone,
I am using this url to get the direct messages using windows services in .NET

This is working fine after running once but afterwards it is showing operation timed out error and not giving any result.Has anybody faced this kind of problem.This is twitter problem or implementation problem.
Any help in this context would be highly appreciated.


If the request is working fine but the response is a “504 Gateway timeout” from twitter then it’s not you, best to wait & try again. But if you’re getting .NET timeout errors - it’s more likely your connection.


Thanks for the reply @IgorBrigadir


Hi @IgorBrigadir
I have set the timer interval in the windows service for 2 minutes.
First time the service is started it’s executing properly but after few minutes it’s showing operation timed out error. But I when I am debugging the windows service it’s always executing properly,it’s never showing timeout error.
Can anyone suggest the possible reasons for this error?


Try requesting something from another endpoint like statuses/home_timeline for example - and see if you get the same timeout errors - it could be your connection?

Also keep an eye on rate limits (but you should be getting a different kind of error if you’re hitting those)

Not familiar with .NET - but maybe worth checking windows service event logs for errors - maybe the service start / stop is the problem?