The "not a valid url format" bug has returned to plague us


I am unable to complete integration of my social engine site with twitter because when I click create app I continually get the error message “not a valid url format” even though the format is fine and works perfectly with facebook. Please could twitter advise when this will be fixed. Thanks Kerry.


Can you indicate the specific URLs you’re submitting to the form and in which places? Are the URLS fully qualified with HTTP and HTTPS and contain hostnames and TLDs that are accessible to our servers?


the URL I’ve entered on the form is “”. I’ve also tried “”. The website is in maintenance mode (for development) and password protected. Could that be the issue? Thanks for getting back to me. Kerry.


That probably shouldn’t make a difference. And in what field are you putting that? The “Website” field? For what its worth, I was able to create an application with “” as the Website URL without issue. Perhaps there’s some other issue where we’re giving you that error when we mean another one – what’s the name of the application you’re trying to create?