The iOS embedded timeline fails to display some tweets




I’m working on an app that displays the @nationalexpress user timeline using TWTRTimelineViewController. Currently it stops displaying tweets after this tweet I’m thinking that this is because there is a typo in the mentioned username but I’m not sure. I also display the @nxupdates timeline and this loads correctly.

Maybe the embedded timeline is having trouble parsing tweets with broken usernames? (I’m using TwitterKit version 1.13.1)



Hey @robmooney

The user name appears to be valid so I’m not following on the typo part of your question. Are you consistently not able to load any tweets after the one you mentioned?



Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I’m consistently not able to load this tweet or the ones that follow it.

The typo is in the linked tweet. They forgot to add a space after the mentioned username (so that username SharperLiving is written as SharperLivingWe). I think that this may be causing a problem with the embedded timeline.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the problem



Thanks @robmooney, I’m following now. I’m going to try and repro this shortly.

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