The images are not seen in the timelines embedded in my web


Hello, try to use the code of and when putting the user @paulanwandter the preview looks perfect, but when inserting the code in my website wordpress, it does not show the images and you are leaving as broken links, what can I do to solve this, since I have been looking for some reason for months, the code also will test it in a joomla CMS and the same thing happens to me. I hope you can give me a quick solution


Hi @FCatrala,

Can you provide the exact embed code you’re using and a link to a page with a timeline or tweet where the images do not load for you so I can investigate further?



Hi, @evansobkowicz


Tweets by paulanwandter


Looks like you’re including an old version of widgets.js in your site. Try removing this line:

<script id="twitter-wjs" src=""></script>

and only include the latest version of widgets.js from


Perfect, solved thank you very much

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