The image in the thumbnail of the blog post is not proper


when we are posting a blog post on our twitter handle the thumbnail of that post looks like this.

Wherease I want my thumbnail to be like this one:

How can I make my thumnail proper?


First of all you’ll need to use a Summary Card with Large Image instead of a summary card. Then you’ll need to use an appropriate image.


Hey Andypiper I’ve embedded the summary card with large image.
The validator shows the large thumbnail even I am getting proper thumbnail on home page while posting on
Twitter but the blog post are not displaying a proper thumbnail or its fetching the thumbnail of home page rather than it original thumbnail.
Please let me know where I am going wrong.
How can I correct it

link of the blog:

blog link:


Take a look at the specifications for valid image sizes for the summary large image card.


Hey Andypiper
So do I need to upload my image between this ratio 300x157 - 4096x4096.
That’s it or do I need to change anything in the code part.
Also I want to ask you why in some blog post it’s taking default home page?

Is it when I update size image it’ll get sorted.


Changing the image will help it to appear correctly in the right ratio in the image (after the cache clears in 5-7 days). If some pages are showing the home page card then I can only assume that those pages do not contain unique markup. You should be able to check that for yourself by viewing the page source.


Thanks Andypiper
Could you please help how can I solve this issue?


Is this still an issue?


Yes, I was the facing the same issue & won’t able to solve because of this I’ll have to remove the large cards.
Can you help me out?