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My first post! I’ve been developing a web app which utilises the Twitter API (rest and stream) extensively. During development I’ve been using a seemingly randomly generated URL provided by my paas hosting service.

Yesterday I noticed that oath calls are failing, and having inspected the logs I’m seeing the error returned “The given URL is considered malware”.

I’ve done a bit of research and tried to find a way to contact Twitter to help resolve the issue but have hit a bit of a dead end. I’m aware that this forum isn’t the correct place to discuss particular spam/malware issues but I was hoping that someone who has had similar experience might be able to suggest what I do next.

So far I have tried to:

I received an email (I assume this is automated) in response to completing the spam form as follows:


Thanks for your report.

In order to make Twitter more secure, we have automations in place that could impact your ability to Tweet certain links. If you’re having issues Tweeting a link, our team will review your request and take appropriate action on the reported URL. You can find more information on this topic in this help center article:

Though we cannot respond to individual reports, the information provided helps us make Twitter better for everyone.


Twitter Support

I’ve tried replying to this email but I received another automated response informing me that the case has been closed.

So I’m still left with a URL that has been blocked for malware which is obviously seriously hindering my development without anywhere to appeal/discuss it. Goes without saying that as far as I’m aware the URL has nothing to do with malware.

Anybody out there who has had a similar experience that can advise?

Many thanks, Matt.


I have the same issue, it was working before maybe 2 weeks ago and now suddenly i got this message “The given URL is considered malware”. Have you figured out on how to fix this?


Follow the instructions in the FAQ pinned post. We are unable to help with this issue on the developer forums.

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