The form of tweet timestamp in timeline


I had changed the form of tweet timestamp in timeline to the short form timestamp relative to current as it is pointed in Display Requirements.
Although, our users requested to me that they want to change the new short form to the exactly long form.

I explained to users about Display Requirements but they don’t agree it.

Can i provide choices to select the form of displaying timestamp to users on my service?
Of cource, the choices include the short form.


The display requirements are not prescriptive that you provide the same format as we present. As long as you meet the requirements of including both the time and date, you can do it in long or short format or provide both options.


Is it a good thing that the official answer is this? Is this the time to be reflected in the document?


In Display Requirements doc, there is
"For Tweets that have been sent in the last 24 hours, use the short form timestamp relative to the current time, for example “20s” for a Tweet sent 20 seconds ago, “3m” for 3 minutes ago, “5h” for 5 hours ago.".
I thought that twitter developers are forced to use “short” timestamps relative to the current time,.
Am i wrong?