The font size in the embedded timeline widgets is enormous



Since the update a few months back, the font size in the embedded twitter widgets has become unreasonably large for some websites. I use 12 and 14px fonts for content throughout my site. The twitter widget displays fonts at a whopping 18px. Why not display it similar to what users see when visiting Twitter directly?

Is this something similar to the loudness war in radio? I now have to keep our twitter feed collapsed by default as the feed’s text unfairly dominates the page.

Simple illustration:

@andypiper was kind enough to push through fixes regarding color and border issues; I’m curious if this is ever going to be addressed?


I’ve realized that the font size is relative to the width of the embed container. I’ve reduced the width of the widget and the font size is now acceptable. I’d still like it full width, but things are OK, thanks :+1:

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