The example here no works in browser, well?

#1 the example here no works in browser, well?


It doesn’t work in a browser because you need authentication to connect to API v1.1, and the browser can’t provide that kind of authentication.


for what is this? Also, what is the equivalent of
in 1.1 in browser?


It’s to identify the application requesting data and rate limit it appropriately.

There is no equivalent of the former unauthenticated search API for the browser.


what about use it in place of, what to use and what params???

$(document).ready(function() { var searchTerm = 'celebs'; var baseUrl = ""; $.getJSON(baseUrl + searchTerm + "&callback=?", function(data) { $.each(data.results, function() { $('
') .hide() .append('') .append('' + this.from_user + ' ' + this.text + '') .appendTo('#tweets') .fadeIn(); }); }); });


There’s no equivalent to this kind of use of the old Search API beyond what’s available in embedded timelines.


can you provide url least nearest to";

I do not got the chance to try code, this old gets recent tweets i guess, well what url of the knowledge base helps me get the nearer to this result? var baseUrl will differ i guess…


I mean equivalent as of new api twitter 1.1

from 1 -to->1.1…?