The "earned" parameter when getting "statuses/home_timeline"


I’m not sure if anybody noticed the “earned=true” parameter is used when getting the home_timeline in the latest for iPhone?

GET /1/statuses/home_timeline.json?contributor_details=1&count=100&earned=true&include_cards=1&include_entities=1&include_my_retweet=1&include_user_entities=true&lat=xxx&long=yyy&pc=true&send_error_codes=1

There’s no document about this at


Hello? Anyone from twitter dev team can answer this question?

Twitter starts using some private API parameter without announce it to public is something we don’t want to see.


Don’t worry about undocumented parameters – if they aren’t documented, they aren’t part of the public API. You shouldn’t be emulating your API calls from what our own service leverages but instead what you see documented here.