The dreaded 500 internal server error. with RadioBoss


I have my keys and tokens from Twitter. Permissions are set and the software support team have confirmed the entry is correct yet still comes up 500 error and will not post information.


Sorry what is the developer platform issue here? Are you able to describe the code and the API response? Thank you.


I am hoping it is a developer platform issue. I would rather not post the code here for public view with my tokens etc. I am running RadioBoss by DJsoft and everything is set up fine to post a now playing tweet. The only error message is HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error. I know…generic.�sttitle

I obviously don’t have my numbers filled in here.


Thank you, you’re perfectly correct not to include the keys and secrets :thumbsup:

I’m afraid I am not familiar with this software and I don’t have the code available to debug so I have no idea why this would be failing. I assume %casttitle is supposed to be substituted with a real value - I don’t know whether using that as an actual Tweet status text would work without being encoded. Is there a chance you’re trying to post a blank Tweet?


I wondered myself about the %casttitle but that comes from them, and their support didnt indicate a problem.
Maybe there is an indirect work around I can use, if that doesnt stray from the subject. Using a different code, I post direct to my own website. I can do this to a blank page so it is the only data on that page. Is there a way to post that page as it updates as a tweet?
If thats outside the area of this conversation, can you point me the direction it should be asking.
thanks for the assistance so far. much appreciated


Basically all I can do is to refer you back to the providers of the app, unfortunately. If the keys are all correct, and the status that the app is posting is OK, then there should be no issue that I’m aware off. This does not sound like your ID or app is being “rate limited” on the Twitter side.


Ok… as far as my second question about another option… is there somewhere in the twittercommunity you can point i can look into this


Not that I know of.