The did you say this about me virus


Basically I’m being bombed with requests on how to get rid of this DM virus from there accounts. Is there a way they can de-authorize that ap? And I suppose a quick how do you do that might help to. Most of these numnuts can’t even get this far. I see very little information in searching on how to do this? Thank you kindly.


If something sends DMs in your name, there are at least three possibilities I can think of:

  1. An OAuth authenticated app has gone rogue and is sending those DMs.
    Resolution: Check your
    for suspicious applications having "read, write, and direct messages access"
    and revoke access for those.

  2. Someone has got your password in some way.
    Resolution: Change your password.

  3. You are using Twitter via HTTP on an unsecured network, and someone was listening in and grabbed your Twitter cookie.
    Resolution: Check the “Always use HTTPS” box on the bottom of the page, click “Save”, log out, log in again.

If you receive these DMs, make sure that the senders check for these things.


Could not access my account so went to twitter help, said to change password. did that @hotmail, went back got into my account. Laters same happend now i also can not get into my hotmail, it saying password / account i neither have twitter or hotmail. :frowning:


What in hell I’m going to do about it


I do not have this as an option, there is no option to use HTTPS
Resolution: Check the “Always use HTTPS” box on the bottom of the page, click “Save”, log out, log in again.


Thank you but I have been there literally hundreds of times thinking that I am missing something. I have taken a screen shot of my settings to prove that its not there but it doesn’t look like I can send it, nor do I have it my new account (which is just the same as the old account) and that doesn’t have it either. Nor does my daughters account. Any other suggestions. I’d be happy to allow a developer into my account to see for yourself.


P.S I am accessing through HTTPS browser.