The Deactivation link doesn't show


I recently deactivated my most active account to free myself from a few people and wanted to use my gmail account to make another account on twitter and the I realised that, this one account i’m using was still there. It’s completely empty, and it doesn’t seem like anyone used it at all, so I wanted to use it since it was basically as good as new, but when I tried to change the name, it gave me a message “You can not change the name while your account is suspended” (in spanish by the way) and after that also in spanish: To finish your configuration, please add your Phone Number. I followed all of the steps but nothing happened, I even sent over 5 messages and used different phone numbers and Nothing happened, no I can’t even permanently deactivate the account since it doesnt show a deactivation link where it should be.

I want to completelly deactivate this account so, can anyone please help me?