The consumer key was regenerated by mistake



The consumer key(secret) was regenerated by mistake.
Api request with user’s access token makes an error 32: could not authenticate you.

  1. Can I revert my Consumer Key to the old one?
  2. Is there any way to refresh user’s access_token without additional approval?


Unfortunately not, you’ll have to have the user login to your app again.


Hello Andy,
Could you please explain, how it will look like for customers if we change the keys?

We have the same problem: consumer key and secret were regenerated by mistake and we need to update the app info and permissions. We could do that only for the new consumer key/secret pair, but we have many active users already logged in via Twitter.

The questions are:

  1. If we change the keys, will the existing users be logged out? Or will they stay logged in until they log out manually?
  2. Is it possible to change app information and/or permissions without changing consumer key & secret?

Thanks in advance,


The user tokens will need to be regenerated (particularly to inherit any new permissions)

Yes, the permissions are granted to the user token and secret at the time of login, so there’s no need to regenerate the consumer key and secret - you’ll need to have the user login again to grant additional permissions.


Thank you for the quick reply.

Does it mean that old users will stay logged in with old permissions?

Sorry, I wasn’t specific enough.
We have our keys regenerated by mistake and now the info on our twitter auth screen is outdated. We want to update it, but it seems that we have to change consumer key/secret to do that. And I’m afraid that it will affect our logged in users somehow.
So, the question is: if we change key/secret on server, will it affect old users who are already logged in via old consumer key/secret?
Or is it possible to change info for the old consumer key? Permissions are not that important in our case, but updating info might be very useful.