The Code to list twitt is not working



I have a website that lists the twits with following code

<script src=""></script>
                    new TWTR.Widget({
                      version: 2,
                      type: 'profile',
                      rpp: 5,
                      interval: 6000,
                      width: 250,
                      height: 175,
                      theme: {
                        shell: {
                          background: '#707070',
                          color: '#f5f5f5'
                        tweets: {
                          background: '#000000',
                          color: '#ffffff',
                          links: '#f5791b'
                      features: {
                        scrollbar: true,
                        loop: false,
                        live: false,
                        hashtags: false,
                        timestamp: true,
                        avatars: false,
                        behavior: 'all'

            <div id="twtr-widget-1" class="twtr-widget twtr-widget-profile twtr-scroll" style="z-index: -1;left: -5px;"></div>

But it stopped showing since last 24 hours. Can you please tell me what is the issue with it ?

Thanks & Regards,