The application's consumer key or consumer secret has changed since the last launch



I am working on transitioning my iOS app from Fabric to TwitterKit 3.0. I am trying to get authentication to work. I have followed the guides at and
The issue is that the user’s login session is not being saved for some reason. Each time the app is started, I am asked to login again. Even after logging in using logInWithCompletion:(TWTRLogInCompletion)completion, if the app is closed and reopened [[Twitter sharedInstance] sessionStore].session is null. When I call [[Twitter sharedInstance] startWithConsumerKey:@"<consumerKey>" consumerSecret:@"<consumerSecret>"]; I see the error:

The application’s consumer key or consumer secret has changed since the last launch. Any saved user sessions will be purged from the system because they will no longer work with the current key and secret. User’s will need to log in again

I’m not sure why I am receiving this error, because I am using the same consumer key and consumer secret each time.

I am seeing this behavior on both the iOS Simulator and on a real iOS device. I am testing using iOS 11. My API version is:

TwitterKit: 3.2.1
TwitterCore: 3.0.2


Hi @spenceratkin,

I’m experiencing the same problem on later versions:

iOS: 11.2.1
TwitterKit: 3.3.0
TwitterCore: 3.1.0

Did you somehow manage to solve this by now…?

P.S. I have also noticed that session is being saved normally only when I run debug builds from Xcode.