The api doesn't return this tweet that mention our page @bbvaresponde



We have a strange case, The api doesn’t return this tweet that mention our page @bbvaresponde

we do a call with since_id = 923075123267162111 and max_id = 923075123267162118 and the result is empty

Other tweets from that conversation, for example was returned correctly

Thanks in advance


I’ve just executed this command:

twurl "/1.1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=numilka&since_id=923075123267162111&max_id=923075123267162118"

This successfully returned Tweet ID 923075123267162113 - perhaps this was a temporary issue?


Thanks for your answer andypiper but we are doing the call with bbvaresponde, that’s our page and not getting that tweet


I’ve just tried with three different user tokens and all of them return that Tweet from that timeline API call. I’m unable to test using your own account as I obviously don’t have the privileges to do so.

Can you confirm you’re using the user_timeline and not your own mentions_timeline? Do you have any kind of filtering setup in your account notifications settings?


Do you have any kind of filtering setup in your account notifications settings?

Sorry to hijack this topic but I’d like to know if these account notifications settings on the website (like “no profile picture”, “no valid phone number” etc) are enabled globally? Example, I enable a few of them on the main account my app is using, and when I use the User Streaming API, the filters will work as well here.

I’m trying to improve my app and I would like to take in consideration flood/spam/bad accounts to avoid any bad behavior for my bot game. Just wanted to know if I have to create an filter by myself when processing new tweets from the Streaming API of if the filters work also there.



In general those app settings should not affect the API - although blocks and mutes will be honoured for requests that are user authenticated. I was just trying to narrow down possible causation or discrepancy for this particular user and account scenario.

Again, it’s important to note that the User Streams API is in maintenance mode, has had no recent changes (and is not expected to receive any) and will be replaced by the Account Activity API in the future.