The api does not give the media entites for a tweet containing a gif



Hello Twitter dev.

I work for an application which use the twitter REST api.
This app use the library twitter4j. The purpose of the app is to take photo from tweet using the url retrieve by the REST API.

My issue is for tweet with gif.

In fact sometimes the api gives extended media and sometimes not. I give you two url so that you can compare it.

This URL countains media entites:
This URL does not countains media entites:

The only one difference that i can see is that one count is certified? Does it have an impact?

Do you have an idea of why there is a difference between this two tweet?

I wait for your answer.

Thank you.


Are you using tweet_mode=extended to retrieve the Tweets?


I don’t think so but i try right now


I thank you a lot. It is working.
Thanks !