Thanks Team Fabric!



I have very limited experience with Java/Android. Last year I managed to buy a few games, add in Google Analytics and make some changes to them. I did that basically just to familiarize myself and in a somewhat poor attempt to learn how to make apps.

Yesterday I decided to give it a more serious approach. In just a few hours of effort using Fabric I’ve pieced together something that I’m somewhat impressed by. I still have a few more things I want to build into it but I’m rather impressed by how easy it’s been to work with. I’ll likely be typing up a nice blog post in the near future about my experience and some helpful tips to someone getting started.


Hey @DanielCHood,

Thanks for the very kind words, they are greatly appreciated and made the team’s day :slight_smile:

Please do the share the blog post when you’re done with it and keep rocking with the apps!



I do have one question, I tried looking around on the twitterdev github but I couldn’t find anything. I know that Fabric encourages use of pushing an Intent to Twitter for composing tweets but I already have it set up to login as I want to allow replies, likes, and retweets. I have everything working except for I’m not monitoring the character limit at all. I use the javascript library for my website to display characters remaining, convert links, etc… Is there a Java library where I can get the characters remaining?


It’s a little long and I’m likely to edit but I just typed up a draft:


:thumbsup: I enjoyed the read! I’m not aware of a library that does that offhand, but that is an area I’m less of an expert in. I’m reaching out to a few other folks to see if they know of one.



Hey @DanielCHood,

Check out this: should have what you’re looking for :slight_smile: